Hearing aids that fit any budget

At Michigan Hearing Experts, we fit you with hearing aids, no matter your budget.  In fact, too often people think they can’t afford hearing aids, but they really can.  They just didn’t know it was possible.  That’s probably you.  With us, you have access to our special financing program that offers 0% interest.


0% Interest Financing

Unlike most other places that require you to cut a big check or run up your credit card bill, we’re different.  At Michigan Hearing Experts, we make things possible.

Our program is a simple, affordable, and credible.  Most importantly, it allows you to get the hearing aids you need.  When you come in for a Hearing Aid Evaluation, you’ll learn all of your financing options.  You’ll know exactly what to expect when you leave.  With us, there’s no hidden fees or charges.


If you have hearing loss, it can be treated affordably.

Live your best

for less than $45 a month

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