Are Bluetooth hearing aids the right fit for you?

At Michigan Hearing Experts, we exist to reconnect you to your world.  In fact, many of our patients choose Bluetooth in their hearing aids to do just that. However, is Bluetooth the correct choice for you?

Benefits of Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth has been around for 30-years. Notably, it’s a staple in the hearing care industry.  In truth, Bluetooth is nearly everywhere. It allows you to use a single system.  Often, our customers use Bluetooth hearing aids to connect more easily at work, school, church, or the movies.

Most importantly, Bluetooth hearing aids offer the incredible ability to be seamless with all of your important tech devices. Whether it be your laptop, smartphone, television, or car, Bluetooth hearing aids can connect you. Importantly, Bluetooth hearing aids send sound directly to your hearing aids. Meaning, you get a lower signal-to-noise ratio, less interference, and less feedback. Unquestionably, this is why people who where Bluetooth hearing aids have better sound quality.


Although Bluetooth holds many benefits, it requires customers to be tech savvy. If you’re interested in a Standard or non-Bluetooth system, we can help. That’s why we exist, to pair you with the right set of hearing aids!

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