Hearing Aid Service & Repair

At Michigan Hearing Experts, we sell, fit, clean, and service all brands and models of hearing aids. Whether you already own hearing aids or not, we can help you.

Custom Ear Plugs

We sell the best custom ear plugs that you can buy. If you hunt, visit air shows, or live or work in noisy environments, our custom  ear plugs protect you from harmful noise.

Tinnitus (Ringing) Control

Have you been told there’s nothing you can do for your tinnitus? Not true! Our team has options to help you!

More Services We Provide

Earmold tubing and re-tubing
Earmold modifications
General hearing aid cleaning
Electroacoustic analysis
Custom device shell repair
Pull string repair
Receiver replacement
Booth function
Real ear verification
Digital programming
Cerumen removal
Hearing aid impressions

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