With hearing loss, your relationships will suffer

“How is work going?”


Loved One:
“It’s good. I moved into a new position last week. I work days now and really like it. I like my new boss. I’m hoping I can move up quickly. There’s a lot of potential!”


You, again:
“Say what, now?”


Loved One:
“It’s good. I’m working days now. I have a new boss.”


You, again:
“Sorry, one more time?”


Loved One:
“Work is good.”


Do you see the deterioration in this conversation?

Can you feel the disconnect? Unfortunately, there is so much in this conversation that was missed because of hearing loss. Today, we know your hearing loss can rob you of the relationships you deserve.

A well-known study from 2009 by Davis showed that of the 1,500 fifty-five year-olds that they studied, nearly half reported that a relationship suffered because of their hearing loss. In other words, the situation above is common and it is probably you.

At Michigan Hearing Experts, we see this everyday. We also see it’s the loved ones of those around you who suffer as well. Family members are commonly frustrated, stressed, and lonely because of someone else’s hearing loss. These loved ones want to connect better, but a hearing loss is holding a relationship back.


It’s time for you to participate more in your own life!

We can help.

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