Hearing Tests with an Audiologist

Hearing Tests and Evaluations

Are you having difficulty hearing? Have you lost some hearing capability or is something else going on? Come in for a thorough evaluation with our doctors of audiology to find out more about your hearing.

Maybe it is time for hearing aids or maybe not? Let us test your hearing to get answers.

Let us do a full work up and we can find answers. How much hearing has been lost?

Hearing Aids with Real Ear Measurement

When you buy hearing aids with us, we use Real Ear Measurement to make sure you hear your best.  In fact, most other offices don’t have this technology and it’s the only objective way to measure if hearing aids give you benefit.  As a result, the American Academy of Audiology recommends it.

Tinnitus (Ringing) Control

Have you been told there’s nothing you can do for your tinnitus? Not true! We have options to help you!

Doctors of Audiology

As Doctors of Audiology, we are the highest trained professionals in our field. Moreover, our comprehensive understanding of hearing problems means we can serve you better. At Michigan Hearing Experts, an Audiologist will perform your hearing evaulation, not a technition.

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