Hear Clearly &
Live Confidently

Do You Struggle With Hearing Loss?

  • Saying ‘What?’ in conversation?

  • Asking people to repeat?

  • Withdrawing around others?

  • Trouble on the phone?

  • Hearing, but not understanding?

Related Issues to Hearing Loss

Brain Icon


Older adults with hearing loss may lose a cubic centimeter of brain tissue annually beyond normal shrinkage.

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Individuals with hearing loss are up to 5 times more likely to develop dementia than those with normal hearing.

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Hearing impaired seniors experience thinking and memory problems at a 30-40% increased rate.

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Partners of those with hearing loss may also experience stress, fatigue, and isolation.

We Can Help

Hearing aids stimulate the brain, slow neurological hearing loss, and keep you activated. They reconnect you to your world so you hear and understand others around you.


Our patients report better quality of life


Hearing loss treatable by surgery alone


Potential cognitive function when you wear hearing aids

  • Patients with TINNITUS who also have hearing loss 90% 90%

Why Michigan Hearing Experts?

Our Advantage

  • Our hearing evaluations are with a doctor of audiology (not a technician)
  • We use Real Ear Measurements
  • 5 locations
  • 45 years of combined experience
  • 8,450 hearing tests annually
  • Personalized quality service

The Results You Get

  • Better hearing
  • The best hearing aid for your individual needs
  • Fuller conversations
  • Better health
  • Improved confidence

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Schedule a Hearing Test

Learn if you have hearing loss. Call today to schedule a 20-minute hearing test at 616-994-2770.

Number 2

Hearing Aid Evaluation

Next, meet with a hearing professional during a free 60-minute appointment to learn what hearing aids are right for you.

Number 3

Hearing Aid Fitting

Lastly, we custom-fit your hearing aids so you achieve the best hearing possible. Get ready to reconnect with your friends and family!

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