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Signia – Three therapies that offer relief to ringing in your ears

June 18, 2024

Most often described as ‘ringing in the ear’, tinnitus can present itself any number of ways, from buzzing or whistling, to swooshing or clicking sounds. It’s a condition that affects roughly 50 million Americans.1 And of those 50 million, some 10 million sufferers describe their tinnitus as ranging from unpleasant to unbearable.1 The fact is, that unpleasant, unbearable ringing can lead to more issues, including anxiety, depression, irritability and concentration difficulties.2 All of this adds up to a condition that not only negatively affects the person with tinnitus, but also impacts those around them. Family, friends, coworkers and others may notice irritability or even social withdrawal from tinnitus sufferers, making it all the more important that you take corrective measures if you are diagnosed with tinnitus.

Signia hearing aids have always offered world-class technologies for those suffering from hearing loss, and they offer a variety of hearing aids at all price points that offer a tinnitus therapy solution. Signia hearing aids are available in in-ear, behind-the-ear and custom models. They are also rechargeable and Bluetooth-enabled. Your hearing care professional can help you find the best solution, including which tinnitus therapy is best for you.

Three Therapies for Tinnitus

top notch icon

The World’s Only Hearing Aid With Notch Therapy Rather than rely on supplying other sounds to distract the ear from tinnitus, exclusive Notch Therapy actually treats tinnitus by identifying the pitch of your tinnitus sound, then placing a spectral/sound ‘notch’ that suppresses tinnitus at the source – much the same as noise cancelling headphones. A recent study found that notch therapy showed clear improvement in as few as three weeks and maintained the benefit past six months.3

ocean therapy icon

Ocean Wave Therapy As the name implies, this therapy counteracts tinnitus by providing soothing, tranquil sounds of ocean waves lapping at the shoreline. Rather than the incessant ringing of tinnitus, you’ll hear the relaxing sounds of a day at the beach, relieving stress.

static therapy icon

Static Noise Therapy By emitting soft and gentle sounds, hearing aids with static noise therapy reduce the annoyance of tinnitus, helping to ease its symptoms and allowing you to betterrelax and enjoy life. Signia offers five different types of static signals and a hearing care professional can help you choose the right one.

Stop tinnitus. Start living life.

Sound without Notch

Without Notch Therapy

Tinnitus stands out above other surrounding noise and is clearly heard.

Signia sound with notch technology

With Signia’s Notch Therapy

Signia’s Notch Therapy reduces the annoyance of your tinnitus so that you can enjoy the sounds of your environment again.


Quick facts about tinnitus

  • While tinnitus is a common disorder, there is a wide range of possible causes3
  • 10-20% of the population suffers from chronic tinnitus, as defined by cases lasting over six months4
  • 90% of people with tinnitus are also affected by hearing impairment5
  • Roughly 20% of patients with tinnitus find symptoms difficult to endure6


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