Buying Hearing Aids at a Grocery Store Club

Though buying hearing aids through a grocery store club may seem like an attractive option, many people aren’t aware of the problems that follow. There is a large difference when you work with an independent medical practice compared to club stores such as Costco for hearing aids. Here’s where club stores fall short:

1. Device Locking
Grocery store clubs can perform device locking. Device locking means your devices can only be serviced within their store. This limits your options when your devices need a tune up.

2. De-featured Devices
Hearing devices sold in big box stores are typically de-featured. This is when certain premium technologies in hearing aids are turned off by the manufacturer before they are even sold to the store. Without premium technology, you don’t hear as well.

3. Poor Customer Service
Chain stores and grocery clubs are large enterprises and consequently their customer service is poor. One major club store has a hearing department that is rated 2.5 stars out of 5. Of people who buy their first set of devices through a grocery store club, only 25% return to buy their second set there.

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