Interested in 100% invisible hearing aids?

You’re not alone.  In fact, many people want hearing aids that aren’t visible.  In truth, more people would purchase hearing aids if they were invisible.  At Michigan Hearing Experts, we offer the latest in invisible hearing aids so you can hear well and feel good about the way you look.

Why 100% invisible hearing aids are the right fit for you

100% invisible hearing aids are exactly that – 100% invisible!  In fact, invisible hearing aids are the smallest of all hearing aids, fit entirely in the ear canal, and others don’t see them.

Invisible hearing aids are comfortable, too. They don’t require tubing, domes, and other equipment that weigh you down.  In addition, sounds from your own voice are trapped less often.

Close to the Eardrum
Invisible in canal hearing aids fit closer to the eardrum than other hearing aids. Given, you need less volume to get sound down to your ear.  Therefore, you get less feedback noises.

However, invisible hearing aids are not for everyone. Given the devices are small, they have small batteries. Thus, their battery life isn’t great. In addition, invisible in canal hearing devices are not as powerful and may not fit your ears.

Interested in hearing aids, but aren’t sure what type, model, or brand works best for you? Call Michigan Hearing Experts today to schedule a FREE hearing aid consultation. Don’t miss out on life any longer.

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