Rechargeable Hearing Aids will have you saying,


“Bye-bye batteries and bye-bye headaches!”



With rechargeable hearing aids, you’ll say goodbye to battery after battery after battery!  By offering hearing aids that charge overnight, we’ll save you from headaches.  Most importantly, no more carrying batteries everywhere, the fuss of those tiny little packages, or trying to work those little batteries into your hearing aids!

Ease of Use
First, ease of use is the real winner with rechargeable hearing aids.  In fact, most brands allow you to just set your hearing aids in a charger pack overnight.  In the morning, they’ll be ready to go.  With the new battery technology, hearing aids can now last up to 30-hours on a single charge.  Keep in mind, rechargeable hearing aids work really well for those with joint problems, nerve problems, or tremors.

Completely Sealed
Given rechargeable hearing aids do not need batteries to be replaced regularly, they are made with a complete seal.  Significantly, this allows you to keep water, sweat, and other particles out of your hearing aids which are the largest factors to hearing aid damage and repair.

By using a rechargeable hearing aid system, you’ll be saving the world from literally hundreds of batteries over the lifetime of a single set of hearing aids. Did we mention you would be saving some green, too, by not having to purchase all of those batteries?

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