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Hearing Aid Technology

November 20, 2019

Hearing aids are often associated with a stigma of being inconvenient and old fashion. The good news is, this is no longer true. Over the past decade, the hearing aid industry has experienced tremendous innovation.

One advancement over the past few years is Bluetooth technology. With Bluetooth technology, sound is no longer only delivered as sound waves moving through air, but delivered directly to their hearing aids wirelessly from a variety of audio devices. Bluetooth technology allows users to sync their hearing aids with cell phones, iPads, Smart TVs, and other devices.

Not only have hearing aids advanced in connectivity, they have also improved in size and appearance. Users now have more options to disguise their hearing aids so they are less noticeable to the public eye. Many hearing aid manufacturers offer hearing aids that are nearly invisible and can easily be controlled with a smart phone app.

Hearing aid technology allows the user to be connected to the world around them and re-engage with their life. Boring and bulky hearing aid devices are outdated, advanced and sleek hearing aid devices are the here and now.  Give Michigan Hearing Experts a call to learn more about how hearing aids can help connect you to the world around you (616) 994-2770.

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