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Signia AX Hearing Aids

March 1, 2023

Augmented Xperience (AX) Hearing Aids

Learn more from Signia: www.signia.net/en-us/hearing-aids/augmented-xperience

New Enhancements to the AX Platform

 Upgraded eWindScreen

Levels 2AX – 7AX

Say goodbye to wind interference and hello to easier conversations outdoors with our upgraded eWindScreen. This update enhances the existing Wind Noise Canceller to react smarter and faster to fluctuating wind noise.

Improved AX Soundscape Processing

Levels 3AX – 7AX

Hear better in challenging environments. Improved AX Soundscape Processing now leverages Own Voice Processing (OVP) 2.0 to provide optimal processing of your own voice and the surrounding environment to help you hear what’s most important to you.

Signia AX

Hearing aids can be a big decision. And one you shouldn’t face alone. That’s why it’s important to talk to a Hearing Care Professional and have a thorough hearing test before making any decisions.

And, with obligation-free demos available, we let you try before you buy. But sometimes, it’s nice to know what others are saying about their decision to purchase before considering your own. So, consider this:

  • 95% of participants in a research study reported being satisfied with Signia AX.**
  • 94% of participants reported exceptional speech understanding with Signia AX.**

These numbers are indeed impressive, but what matters most is what Signia AX hearing aids can do for you. This makes the obligation-free demo all the more important, as you can get a true and accurate personal reading before making a purchase. So, try Signia AX for yourself. After all, hearing is believing!

Signia AX hearing aids give you the performance you need. Features like seamless smartphone streaming, easy charging (including some models with contactless charging), HandsFree mode, and integration with the Signia app give you the features you want. But what about the style you deserve? Signia AX has you covered there, too. With a variety of models and styles, you can choose from in-the-canal and behind-the-ear hearing aids. And, with several colors from which to choose, Signia makes it easy to find the AX hearing aid that best fits your life and style.

*Available in select styles and models
**Visit signia-pro.com/en-us/claims-data for more details
Signia is a registered trademark of WSAUD A/S. SIV-15859-02/23

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