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Signia Active Pro Hearing Aids Deliver

March 2, 2023

New Signia Active hearing aids deliver greater hearing in an exciting earbud design.

Introducing Signia Active hearing aids, which offer superior sound in convenient, stylish earbuds. With a pocket-sized charging case and Bluetooth connectivity, we’ve taken the typical hearing aid and added a fresh, modern twist. Plus, they’re available in two versions to fit your budget and lifestyle needs. Active hearing aids empower you to live limitlessly.

Models that fit your hearing needs, and your budget. For those with situational hearing difficulty, Signia Active is the perfect choice. This value-priced option gives your hearing that much-needed edge, providing a boost in noisy environments like restaurants, while offering comfort that lets you wear them anywhere and everywhere, all day long.

For those looking for advanced technological features or simply a new and discreet look, Active Pro is ideal. Not only does it provide Tinnitus therapy, it also provides advanced noise reduction technology that lets you focus in on specific sounds or conversations while filtering out distracting background noise. And Active Pro also features exclusive Face Mask Mode which makes it easier to understand speech through face masks.

Both Signia Active and Signia Active Pro feature seamless Bluetooth connectivity so you can take phone calls, stream music, even watch your favorite shows and movies with clear, vibrant sound delivered straight to your ears! No need to switch out to headphones, just enjoy your entertainment privately and perfectly! And, each comes complete with a portable, pocket-sized charger for power on the go.

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